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Vaping has seen an explosion in popularity over the last five to ten years, and it continues to grow. Many ex-smokers of cigarettes and roll-ups are turning to e-cigarettes as a healthier and more enjoyable alternative, along with many non-smokers who’ve started vaping for pure pleasure. With so many types and flavors to choose from, it’s no wonder that e-cigs are taking the world by storm.

However, for those just starting out, the world of vaping can become an absolute minefield if done incorrectly. That’s why we’ve created this list of the top 6 tips for beginner vapers... to enable new enthusiasts to avoid the mines and enjoy their gratifying new hobby.

1. Remember that vaping isn’t smoking!

Firstly, it’s important to remember that e-cigarettes have several significant differences to traditional tobacco products. For starters, the taste is completely different and can vary wildly, with so many amazing flavors to experiment with. Some products aim to replicate the flavor of traditional tobacco smoke, for anyone wanting to maintain the tobacco taste with their new e-cig.

2. Start with the basics

Modern e-cigs come in a vast number of types and styles. It’s easy for newcomers to become overwhelmed with the sheer volume of options. To make matters worse, e-cigs also typically come with an element of modular design, allowing new parts to be swapped out for old ones. This can quickly become too much for new vapers, so it’s good practice to buy a basic starter e-cig as your first one, until you’ve learned the ropes.

3. Maintain a stash of your vital vape products

Vape stores are popping up everywhere these days, which is great news for us enthusiasts! However, most vape products aren’t yet available round the clock. This can lead to situations where you’re out of e-liquids or in need of a replacement coil, but you have no means of obtaining such precious items. Maintaining a stash of your vital vape products acts as a back-up in such dire situations. Signing up for subscription services is another great idea.

4. Maintain your juices!

Your e-liquids are the lifeblood of your e-cig. Without any juice, you can’t enjoy your vape. It’s therefore vital to maintain your e-liquids with proper care and attention. This includes keeping them out of direct sunlight, putting the top on when not in use, and shaking well before refills.

5. eLiquids ain’t easy

Loading your vape with juice can actually be a pretty tough task! There are a variety of tanks available, with varying levels of complexity. Some allow you to simply fill and vape, such as top fill tanks, which are highly recommended for beginners. Others are far more complex and require a level of skill and e-cig knowledge, such as re-buildable dripping atomizers. We advise that you stay away from the latter if you’re a beginner!

6. Keep a close eye on your batteries

We’ve left one of the most critical tips for last! Your vape simply won’t work if you’re battery’s dead, so it’s essential that you keep a watchful eye on your battery life and charge it up before it gets low. Keep your batteries well-charged and you’ll always have your vape ready to go!

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